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Winsborough have developed the first research based 360 tool based on the State Service Commission’s Leadership Success Profile. Based on data from over 1000 public servants, the LSP360 describes how leaders compare to their peers and specifically identifies both strengths and weaknesses. Best of all, our LSP360 is able to predict the impact each leader’s behaviour will have on staff engagement.

Psychometric analyses ensure the new survey and scales are robust. The survey will be relevant to the public servants and a powerful developmental tool.



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The Q-Index

 Staff engagement is consequential, because it affects the bottom line (productivity, customer experience and quality) and the working lives of thousands of dedicated public servants. The biggest factor driving engagement is leadership. Our research using public service data shows that just a few key leadership behaviours produce teams with more than 20 times the number of engaged staff:

Our Norms

Norms provide an objective way to benchmark performance against a relevant comparison group. By calculating norms in percentile ranks, individual’s performance is benchmarked against a sample of their peers, which are leaders from a diverse range of NZ organisations. Currently, our normative sample for the public sector consists of over 1,117 surveys of NZ managers, executives, and professionals in the public sector (13,593 individual evaluations, excluding self-ratings). Individuals in the sample came from organisations across a wide range of industries, including government, education, construction, finance, arts and recreation, and professional services. ​

Our feedback philosophy

We see leadership development as a journey. We borrowed the concept of “levelling up” from the gaming world and used this to craft a development-focused report and approach to participant feedback. In gaming parlance, leaders begin as undeveloped rather than lacking. Various activities gain “experience points” which contribute to improved ability and therefore capacity to perform. Our report provides targeted development tips to help leaders gain the experience points necessary to level up their leadership. The focus is on helping leaders along that journey rather than making a categorical and seemingly unchangeable assessment of their leadership ability.

The Solution


Personality Assessments


$1,198 + GST

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Development Tracking


$295 + GST

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Executive Coaching

3 sessions

$1,500 + GST

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Executive Coaching

5 sessions

$2,500 + GST

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How does it work

Step 1

Identify LSP 360 participants: give context for completing a LSP 360 and guidance on who to ask for feedback from.

Step 2

Advise Winsborough of LSP 360 participants name and email address.

Step 3

Winsborough set up LSP 360 and invite participants to enter details of raters they would like feedback from.

Step 4

Participants enter rater details into Winsborough’s survey application using simple 3-step wizard process.

Step 5

LSP 360 deployed for raters to complete. Winsborough will provide status updates on progress.

Step 6

360 closed, report generated and participant development session scheduled.

Step 7

One-on-one participant development session conducted.

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